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Blues Point Hotel
Friendly pub in a quiet area

116 Blues Point road,
North Sydney

(02) 9955 2675

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I used to work just up the road from the Blues Point Hotel, but never made it over for a drink. Of course, that was pre-pubguide. Nowadays I can proudly say I've been here several times, and actually quite like it. The front bar is rather plushed up, the back bar a bit of a locals joint - as ever for a Sydney pub, I guess. We generally try to sit outside in the small 'verandah' area. It's a quiet little area here, since it's not on the way to anywhere else in particular, so maybe the Blues would be a good starting point for a pub crawl back up towards the North Sydney CBD taking in the Commodore and the Greenwood. Certainly we've done that more than once.
review by: Jason

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cliffman22 from nearby
Recently reopened after fire.Slick! Still lots of good old locals.Went back after 2yrs away, felt just like yesterday 4 all the right reasons. Get on down !!!
26 May 2006

peter stewart from maidenhead uk
4 Apr 2004

YogiOz from All over
Used to be a great pub (I lived in French St) then it got yuppy-fied.
2 Apr 2004

If you enjoy spending your time with prehistoric people who haven't ventured outside this establishment since the mid 70's, and have nothing remotely interesting to say because they have no grip on reality-then this is the place for you
30 Mar 2004

lucious from rome
im maximus the savour of rome
4 Feb 2004

Popeye from Below deck
This is the last hotel in North Sydney that still feels like a genuine Aussie pub. Good beer, top nosh and a friendly and unpretentious crowd. CHEERS!
18 Jan 2004

German Private from Hedelburg
Yeah i blame the officers. We fought well. Look at the Somme, Verdun, 1st battle of Ypres... etc.
13 Nov 2003

Moltke the Younger from Berlin
Actually I stuffed up the plan, not Hindenburg. Sorry about that.
13 Nov 2003

Motlke the Younger from Berlin
Actually I stuffed up the plan, not Hindenburg. Sorry about that.
13 Nov 2003

ken wots from usa
Worked there during 1998 with Rich, Sarah, Melissa, Les, Paul, Ben to name but a few, had a wicked time
30 Aug 2003

A dairy cow from a field
29 Aug 2003

Albert Speer from Nuremburg
can we please organise a political gathering at your beer hall, nothing huge just a discussion on how we are going to organise the world for the next two thousand years
29 Aug 2003

Count Schliefen from Bavaria
My plan was great.... you stuffed it up Hindenburg!
7 Aug 2003

scott ballesty from putney
i enjoy a few shots of pool and thats about it. WE NEVER LEAVE DAVO! why not, lets got back to yours to get pissed. NEVER HAPPENING!
19 Jul 2003

gillycat from hartley
i often enjoy a few quiet ale's at the blues point with my chums mandi, davo, drifter and laney. its a great place for to enjoy a meal and a beer whilst discussing the re-unification of the austro-hungerian empire. And of course watch re-runs of "hey dad".
11 Jul 2003

Matt from Adelaide
Have made some great friends there. My wife and I recently returned from OS and moved into McMahons Point. Love the Blues.... Rock on!
24 Jun 2003

Mandi from Pymble
my pub of choice - spend alot of time there with davo - great place to talk and have a drink before heading out. I want the couches!
23 Jun 2003

Emma from Reading, UK
Worked there during 1998 with Rich, Sarah, Melissa, Les, Paul, Ben to name but a few, had a wicked time!
20 May 2003

Davo from Nth Syd
Yeah this place is my local, its choice, carlton draft goes good there!
date unknown

Alan Coholic from Hyde Park
they wouldn't let me in cooz I was pist
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Pool: one table $3TAB: TAB in the saloon barFood: Bistro restaurant attached
Bottle Shop: Overthe-counter sales in the main barTV: several screens
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