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Berry Street Tavern
bigger than you'd think

Level 7/ 77 Berry St North Sydney 2060
(02) 9922 7489

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Unfortunately, the latest news we have about the Berry Street Tavern is that the building in which it was housed is being demolished, the Pub is currenly closed and we're still awaiting news on whether the pub will return in the future.
review by: Jason

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JoshM from Rose Bay
I met this guy there called Jared.. he was kinda cute. I took him down to the carpark next door and gave him a blow job. He never called like he promised.. the next week I went back and picked up a bouncer who smashed me to bits in the toilets.
15 Jun 2004

Josh M from Coogee
sometimes I go without undies on, its like my little secret. i rub up and down against anyone dancing infront of me, sometimes even my friends. Watch out for me, i am the one with the roll of 5 cent coins in my pocket.
15 Jun 2004

Sheshbesh from East Sub
I remember fucking one of the pokie chicks a couple of time. She was a psyco
15 Jun 2004

goose from Hiltos
Tyler ur a disgrace, Fridge was the worst looking human being ive ever seen. How on earth u got ur scrawny body inbetween her thunder thighs is unbelievable. Hold ur head down son!
19 Jan 2004

Emma from Newtown
oh yeah, I met my hubby there too...he bought me a VB. There's really hot guys there, and lots of stonewash. Dance to The Venga Boys all night!
10 Dec 2003

Julia from Leichhardt
oh and my husband proposed to me over the PA system, that was the best night of my loife, can't believe this historic venue is closing, won't be able take my kids there.
10 Dec 2003

Julia from Leichhardt
I loved the Karaoke night they had there, I was the star!
10 Dec 2003

Random from Sydney
Nasty, nasty, nasty.
28 Jul 2003

andy from cherrybrook
popped a few in that joint & always got my dick taken care off
5 Jul 2003

ted bundy from sydney
i'd rather wank with a cheese grater than pick up diseased pigs from this go inside , there is a sign, something is telling u that u have
3 Jul 2003

6 Pac from Doonside
Berry Street was the worst club ever. Full of skanks and wannabees... as can be seen from the list below shows...
25 Jun 2003

clyde from wagga wagga
tyler rumour has it you dated fridge (real name kaitlyn smith). she is the dirtiest bitch of all time. how could you put yourself through that shit. headies maybe, but to take her home. shocking. at least you treated her well. she would have died a virgin if it wasnt for you. you are the north shore gronk! sick clothes. hahahahahahahahahaha
date unknown

tyler from ~
smashed it on a weekly basis ! i wa shattered it closed down. regular roots, headjobs in the alley i was Mr Berry St. My mate from the nth shore was the worst.. always picked up the biggest whores.. one called fridge omg MASSIVE ! memories..
date unknown

marina hannah from yagoona
it was raging aganinst the light was slammin, groovy, really out there, like wow like totally freaked me out.
date unknown

Wack from Epping
Aw, bummer. Now I'm gonna have to hang out at Tracks.
date unknown

DrEvil from Pymble
Berry St has been closed down...
date unknown

Daz from Syd
The Best Club in Sydney is no longer. just fab uni nt memories...
date unknown

not telling ya from around the palce
Is Berry street tavern closing down and if so when???
date unknown

EZ from somewhere
Shutup Berry it ok, good dancing, but a lil sleezy
date unknown

Daniel from nth sydney
Smokey,Busey,loud, over priced, woggie,just like any sydney night club
date unknown

Paul from Canada
Jade-- who is this girl??? The girls are sooo hot, particularly the bartenders
date unknown

Jade from Cammeray
I agree with Jono. Only the ugly girls from my course go there... The place is lame.
date unknown

Jono from North Sydney
What a fucking shithole... 30 year old desperados checking out dog ugly chicks... THAT, is what Berry Street Tavern is all about...
date unknown

Andy from Sydney
When you want to pick up some girls from year 12 who have just turned 18, where do you go? Berry St Meat-Market! Busy and sleazy.
date unknown

Tony from Terry Hills
I've been there once and the place was crowded. I went on a public holiday. Very popular place.
date unknown

Adam from Merrylands
One word: FANTASTIC!
date unknown

Margs from Sydney's Southern suburbs
This place is great! Nice people, great music, comfortable atmosphere. Sat nights are the best!
date unknown

Andre from bankstown
SLUTS SLUTS SLUTS bring em on !!
date unknown

Eli W from East Sub
Who am i?
date unknown

Eli W from East Sub
Who am i?
date unknown

danny.s from lakemba
oh sic mate, yoose have no idea about the talent, i love being on the dance floor and touching a girls bum
date unknown

simon.w from bondi
I love all the girls behind the bars with their big tits, and i really enjoyed the extra services i used to get from the pokies girls
date unknown

Troy from Nth Sydney
I let Danny in for free cause he is a spunk
date unknown

Jared from Bondi
Cecil beat me in pool and then we pashed in the booth
date unknown

Josh from Bondi
Hey bangle.. teach me how to dance
date unknown

Guy P from Bondi
They played my favourite song. "I will swear on the bible". I also picked up a man on the podiums
date unknown

Danny from Rose Bay
I once met this girl called Ilana Fish or something like that.. she is hot.. I am still in love with her.. I got to taste her fish on the dance floor
date unknown

Sole from 'where not sure'
yeh its really cool, just annoying that the girls are so hard to pick up
date unknown

James P from Point Piper
I Think Berry Street Tavern is great or as us packers call it Pezza. The Music is fantastic, the girls are hot and the music is pumping
date unknown

Simon W from East Sub
The guys there are really hot...they sure get into the groove.
date unknown

Jared F from Bondi
I spewed in my boyfriends lap.
date unknown

Eli. W from East Subs
I played pool all night.. the DJ was a cutie.
date unknown

Danny S from Rose Bay
I usually cant get in.. I enjoy playing sega rally and pissing on the floor in the toilets
date unknown

Josh. M from Bondi
Berry Street is my favourite hotspot behind blue berrys. I particularly enjoy the dance floor and the pool tables and trying to pick up in the pokies room.
date unknown

Guy P from Bondi
The music goes off.. I can't wait to try picking up again. They even play my favourite "on the bible"
date unknown

Danny Sherminator from Rose Bay
I love it.. the chicks are heaps good and I pick up every week.
date unknown

kevin taylor from roseville
Bring back retro night!!!
date unknown

Caits from Sydney
Love thursday nights!!
date unknown

Anthony from sydney
isnt what it used to be!
date unknown

dave from sydney
needs a better crowd for a better atmosphere!!
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Pool: eight tables at the back, one at the frontFood: yes, food is availableOpen Late: 5am licence at weekends
ATM: atm near front doorOutdoor Area: right at the back is the beer garden - many people miss it!
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