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Beach Palace
hell of a view from the upper balcony!

cnr Beach and Dolphin Streets,

(02) 9664 2900

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (22 Jul 2003)

What a place!! How many pubs have a esculator in them. This sea side hotel has the best view in Sydney!

Situated on the north end of Coogee beach, the Palace is huge! With 8 bars, 2 restaraunts, and huge beer garden on the top floor the palace can fit well over 3000 people.

The Aquarium bar on the top floor seems to attract the cream of the trendies from the Eastern Suburbs. Sundays crank with live percussion bands and DJ's. The night i was there i was surounded by sports stars including the Wallabies and Brett lee and members of the Australian cricket team.



review by: Alistair

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Melissa from Bondi
This place is wonderful!!! What a venue...has it all! Entertainment on every level. Had a minor issue but handled so well by manager, Joel. cute!!
17 Oct 2004

steve from sydney
my first time there, i thought the place was great, music was going off the chicks were sweet.but the bouncers are really unfriendly, on power trip
8 Sep 2004

Spence from Revesby
Picked up a root within half an hour of being here. Excellent place especially if ur after a 3some...
22 May 2004

Kaylee from Doonside
walked thru the doors - first impression - WOW this place rocks!!
22 May 2004

yakka from kingsford
plenty of easy birds. Its brillant
4 May 2004

vicky from england
sorry, the palce is great and so is sydney!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Apr 2004

vicky from England
who won the rugby world cup?
27 Apr 2004

vicky from Reading, England
who won the rugby world cup?
27 Apr 2004

colin from coogee
27 Apr 2004

vicky from Reading, England
When I was still in oz i stayed in the castle [clovelly] and every we went to the place, good place but i fell down the escolator due to too much jack daniels. for any of you who complain about us so called pom's then we are your main tourist industry and we are not all easy whores.
27 Apr 2004

emma from TASSIE!!!
it's great nice people hot guys!! wicked venue!! better than anything down under
15 Mar 2004

pat bateman from pearson and pearson
seady, cant stand the place was once a fan bu the same thing over and over again gets too much, plenty of hussies walking around thats the only upside
9 Feb 2004

Gemma from Coogee
The bouncers are rude pricks. They don't keep their hands to themselves, and they will let girls who are flogged in if they go along with it- wheras if they don't like the look of you they will find some bogus excuse not to let you in.
6 Feb 2004

fiona from perth
This place goes off! Great atmosphere and hot guys everywhere! Definatly will go there again next time i visit Sydney!
8 Jan 2004

Hannah from sydney
Very cool place! lovin it!
3 Nov 2003

kelly from tamarama
6 Jul 2003

kim beazley from canberra
do they sell pies?...i love pies.
6 Jul 2003

saddam from iraq
is it a good place to hide?
6 Jul 2003

Ronnie Reardon from the Bra
thios plaace roocks
6 Jul 2003

Alistair from Randwick
tits and ass everywhere!!!
6 Jul 2003

CJ from Coogee Beach
Whoever designed this place is a guru - oozes sex appeal!!
6 Jul 2003

Tocky from Coogee
I love this place- i have never seen more pretty girls in one place before
6 Jul 2003

Andrew from oogee
this is the best pub in Sydney - bar none!!
6 Jul 2003

Samantha from Surry Hills
There's nothing flash about this venue, but the views are spectacular, it's comfortably casual & well worth the visit to hear Martini Club play on a Sunday afternoon.
date unknown

Emma from Bronte
I agree with Jenny, plenty good looking Aussie guys, that love a good time!
date unknown

Jenny B. from Bondi
This place rocks!! Plenty of good looking guys a few idiots but you get that with every place, Great music, very big room upstairs in Aqu-bar and plenty of good looking guys to do it with after.
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