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Bay View


166 Victoria Road,

(02) 9817 2632
(02) 9817 3062

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Felch from Gladesville
Oh, and how can I forget. Airhead waitresses that stand behind the bar examining their nails or huddle in groups gossiping while customers line up waiting for a drink. Haven't had even the most basic beer pouring training. Once I got given a schooner with 2 inches of head in it. After politely asking for a top up, the little blonde thing looked at me like I farted, then informed me "that's the way your SUPPOSED to pour it". It was VB for Christs sake. That being said, the male staff are mostly good professionals and old Lil on the day roster is priceless.
21 Jan 2005

Felch from Gladesville
This used to be one of the best venues in Sydney (~20 years ago). Now it houses the most banal cover bands the planet has to offer. After deliberately driving all the local clientelle away, it now has nothing but stupid teenage blow ins on weekend nights that get trashed and vomit and smash bottles all up and down Victoria Rd., where I live. The foods OK, but $4+ schooners are criminal. Want a drink ? Go elsewhere.
21 Jan 2005

Rebecca from Drummoyne
I have found the bayview to be one of the better pubs in sydney, it is comfortable, stylish yet unpretentious has great food and some really good bands plus the staff are also very friendly. Well worth checking out!
12 Feb 2004

Nick from Gladesville
Good stylish setup, probably most happnin venue in the area sadly enough As for as tapbeer reasonable quality Stella and Becks, poor Squire and average commercial. Good to play some pool and get sloshed, very uncomfortable seating, tragic cover bands and prices go through the roof after midnight so dont expect to bring home any money.
1 Nov 2003

Leigh from Ryde
The Bayview is arguably the best pub in the Ryde/Gladesville area, but many people don't like it. Personally I think it's a great place; supporting local bands and kicking out people annoying the rest of the patrons. There's also large screens with sports and racing on them, some of the best pub food around and a nice layout. It's not that cheap, and they ask anyone tha looks under 30 for ID with pretty much every third drink, but if you can overlook that, it's an enjoyable experience.
4 Oct 2003

andrew from gladesville
Look, I know I am a local... But, I have lived in the Gladesville area for about 10 years and I have seen this pub morph itself from a “rough as guts” dark dump to a light, breezy, even sophisticated (for the suburbs) establishment. Over the last 2 years they have completely refurbished the hotel and added an open plan kitchen, external covered bear garden, and quality pub food (including wood fired pizza). Couple this renovation with the fact that Gladesville area is home to an ever-swelling young professional single/couple demographic, it’s no wonder the clientele has improved resulting a friendly locally orientated and slightly up market feel. The beer garden overlooks the greater Gladesville and Homebush areas… but if you get bored of that view, then they have a big screen for watching the union etc. and an area for live bands - where they get some quality acts appearing regularly.
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