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Bat & Ball
Live music stalwart

cnr SouthDowling Street and Cleveland Streets, Redfern
(02) 9699 3782

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The Bat and Ball is like a battered old sofa. Not that much to look at, but it's so comfortable you don't want to get up and leave. A strong supporter of the live music scene, the Bat has live music most nights of the week, usually from the up-and-coming scene, but occassionally featuring bigger fare.

The pub is situated right on South Downling Street (The Eastern Distributor) and a stone's throw from Surry Hills. The street is noisy, but it's drowned out pretty rapidly.

Beer is pretty cheap and good and cold, there's a pool table or two and the cover charge is generally no more than $5 (and mostly well worth it)
review by: pubguide staff

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sky fisher from sydney
great pub
12 Dec 2004

Lynne from Vancouver
Seems like yesterday that I was having a beer with Belinda and Martin and Ronnie and Sam and Kylie. The years go to fast and this is the place to make long time friendships. Love to Surry Hills
8 May 2004

Barry Jenson from Portsmouth uk
Visited B/B in 1991 .Won a holiday at the B/B in Hambledon,Hants uk to visit Bat and Ball Sydney.Great pub.I met 2 guys.Bob Ryan whom i think ran a cricket team at the pub and Albert Price.I keep in Touch with Albert but i have lost contact with Bob Ryan.Anybody know where Bob is now.Regards Barry and Lynne from Portsmouth uk
21 Feb 2004

Cum Sock from Under the bed
1, 2, 1, 2....Tampered Crew!
20 Jan 2004

Sam from Bondi
Cant wait to see Fivebucks again! Thanks Phil for the post.
24 Nov 2003

Ben from Sydney
Wicked! Love that band, saw them @ Bar Broadway not that long ago! Long Live Fivebucks! Rock on! Be sure to check them out.
24 Nov 2003

Phil from Sydney
Sorry that is in November people.
24 Nov 2003

Phil from Sydney
Come to the Bat and Ball on Friday the 28th for a top night of Entertainment. Fivebucks is the band to keep your eyes on. Very very good. Going to be Huge! They go off! See you there. I believe they will hit the stage at 8pm.
24 Nov 2003

Dan from Surry Hills
It's pretty decent for a derro local - I just wish their machines would pay!
19 Oct 2003

Chris from SYDNEY
Wed night July 23...degrees.K, halfday and guests, don't wanna miss it!
21 Jul 2003

friday night from 4.7.03
5 Jul 2003

16 Jun 2003

Pub bludger from That pub u no the one?
Pool comp wed straighten up the tables boys
28 May 2003

Belinda from New York
I miss the old place and can't wait to have a scoonner in there in Dec
date unknown

Sam Francis from Sydney
Great Pub!!Refreshing to see all hotels are not yuppie magnets
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Live Music: Plenty of local bands
Our Comments

Jason says:

I think it's great to see pubs supporting fresh live music - especially up & coming bands like you see here.

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