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Bar 2060
Formerly the Station Tavern

32 Walker Street,
North Sydney,

(02) 9923 2055
(02) 9957 1562

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The music selection from the video jukebox is exclusively loud R&B - which puts me off immediately. what I was looking for was a reasonably quiet spot for a drink out of the hammering rain. What I got was dark and noisy. Having said that, though, it's an OK little spot, the crowd seem to be locals and/or end-of-the-day folk looking for a quick beer before heading home. Pretty much like me, really. It reminded me quite a lot in decor of the Globe in the CBD - booths and plush seating around a level one room with lots of windows. There's obviously something of a regular crowd - the night manager swapping greetings and banter with some of my surrounding tables - if you're local you may well find it a good retreat from the Greenwood or the Commodore.
review by: pubguide staff

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PubGoer from Balmain
Main bar has mainly booth style seating - sitting about 6 per booth. Bar is well decked out. Generally a relaxed place for those looking for a quick drink before heading home on the train. Fairly quite later on, but the staff are generally friendly.
9 Jan 2005

wesley from greenwich
KT u seem to be a fag..boat shoes are the bomb! fuckin nobody!
20 Feb 2004

Mike from Sydney
Hottest bar staff ever
4 Jan 2004

KT from Roseville
it use to be good till all the rejects from the commodore started coming, and filled the place with boat shoes and turned up collars.
30 Sep 2003

scott ballesty from putney
you may not be aware of this but 2060 is really a front for an evil white supremist army. there comming to eat my bladder, beware! o warn you!
29 Aug 2003

Dave from North Sydney
This is a good, laidback pub. Very nice bar staff.
17 Aug 2003

kifta from mosman
I really like 2060 it has a good atmosphere and good people. The music create the atmosphere especially when an old time favourite comes on. The security guards are really nice and helpful as well
date unknown

Joey Joe Joe's Mum from Wollstonecraft
I love that thing I can do with my tongue.
date unknown

KT from roseville
Paul, go back to canada.
date unknown

Paul from Canada
The Station is a great place to realx and enjoy a drink-- the staff are very friendly, and the washing machine in the basement is alot of fun!
date unknown

Joey Joe Joe Zabba Doo from Wollstonecraft
I second that notion, Africa by Toto rocks the house that rocks the party.
date unknown

kevin taylor from roseville
it's a quiet pub with a good atmosphere, and a good selection of songs on the juke box, highlights include Africa by Toto, Land down under by men at work and many more, so good call on that R&B only comment.
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Food: $8.50 mains and pizzas, a small selection of sides.Jukebox: Video jukebox, mostly R&B tracksTV: flat screen TV, usually hooked up to the video-juke
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