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Australian Youth
food's good, and the fishtank calms withered nerves!

63 Bay Street,

(02) 9692 0414

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This is my local, been going here on and off for a few years.

Whats good - comfy chairs, tv's if you want to watch sport, awsome bar staff (how do they do it), pleasing decor. The music is still excellent.

Whats Bad - no cushion room, some lack of atmosphere, free pool, cheap eats, Extractor fans - lack of, tv screens in a pub!, the games for hire are gone as well.

The same people still come here a mix of young and old, poor, rich trendy, uncool. The music although no jukebox is still great, and after about 6 or 7 visits, the atmosphere is still just about there. A few womens touches needed to make it a bit more homely again. maybe some matching chic board games. Overall still one of those rare pubs in sydney that you can relax in.

review by: pete

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Alice from Ultimo
I love this Pub, the Staff are excellent, 1 of the Managers is very sexy. Love the food and the DJ's night are really great. Good Music even better Cocktails upstairs
18 Jan 2005

Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Good food, good service. Bloody marvellous.
8 Jan 2005

Dez from Sydney
This plaace gets better and better. Good traditional refit downstairs and the upstairs bar full of women. Fantastic!
17 May 2004

Lauren from Annandale
Man I love this place, I wasn't sure how the place was going to turn out, they took their time with the renovations but I think it will be worth it. See you there soon & mines a Vodka, Lime & Soda
28 Jan 2004

Kurt from Balmain
The Aussie Youth is a fu*king great Pub and since they are now finished the Reno's I think it's only goinh to get better. Staff are unreal, Food Super and it's a great looking laid back funky atmoshere. Keep up the good work and I love all the paintings upstairs!!!
28 Jan 2004

Lindsay from The office 'round the corner
Great pub, myself and a heap of workmates usually hang out upstairs on thursday nights, and while it's lost a lot of the character it had before the reno - it's still a good place to sit and wind down after work. The fact that some of the (friendly & damn cute) barstaff are still there helps :) Biggest complaint is the pool room, there just isn't enough room for 2 tables in there.
17 Jan 2004

Terry from local
The fish tanks gone! Nooooooo! Well, the pub is nearly finished, feels a bit souless at present, maybe once the regulars come back it'll 'warm' up again. The staff are still great folk, and the beer range is pretty good (alas, the Resches has gone though). It now has some great Plasma screens which should be good for the sport lovers amongst us. The foods still pretty good (but not as good as before in my humble opinion). Its not really an Irish theme pub, more a modern Australian style pub, kinda typical inner city trendy/funcky style is what the new owners appear to be aiming for, not sure if they are there yet though!
20 Nov 2003

lilidesu from around about here
i liked the old version of the youth better. i liked how it was unassuming and also funky. i dunno how this new and renovated youth is going to be. but methinks its trying to be too trendy.
27 Oct 2003

Pub Bludger from Sitting nest to you at the bar
yes it too am concerned at this bloody irish bs. Its fucking Australia not bloody Ireland How many Aussie theme pubs in Ireland are there? Hopefully none. My local is also being turned into an Irish pub. this Message goes to you scruffy Murphy Piss off Back to Ireland And stop stealing my Pool comp.
5 Sep 2003

Terry from local
It has recently changed hands. The new owners (they also own an Irish style pub in Balmain) have plans to change it quite dramatically, not recommended at present (Aug 2003) since they are half way through renovations and seem to have stopped!
21 Aug 2003

groover from Glebe
this is a great pub - but be warned, it gets really packed of an evening. lots of atmosphere but not much space. oh and the New is flat !!
11 Jul 2003

Connect Interactive from Across the Road
As our company moves, we will miss this pub. The food is great, and the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful. But, as with any good pub, it is the friendly staff that make the place. The Staff at the "Aussie Youth" are the best we have ever met, and we are glad to call them friends. Thanks Guys. Connect Interactive.
date unknown

Paitron from Nearby
I love this pub, and will be sad to watch it change.
date unknown

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Pool: two pool tables upstairsFood: the food's not badOutdoor Area: seating at street level
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