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Australian (Broadway)
TAB and Pokies. little other interest

100 Broadway, Pyrmont
(02) 9211 3486

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Reviews available:
untitled review (23 Feb 2004)

[note: since this review (done in 2002) the pub has changed hands and is no longer quite the same pub. We'll line up a visit and re-review shortly]

Personally, I don’t much like it. It’s essentially a pokie and TAB joint – cleaner and smarter than the average, but nonetheless a pokie joint. The punters are essentially workies, all shorts, t-shirts and big boots, with a couple of laboratory pigeons hitting the buttons in the hope of a payout, making their drinks last all night in the hope that the last five bucks will pull off the big one. Kinda depressing.. Not our scene.

The walls are lined, at least in the back section away from the gaming, with Aussie sporting Icons. Shane Gould, Dawn Fraser, Betty Cuthbert all stare out into an essentially sterile atmosphere. The crowd is bizarrely quiet for the kind of place it is, maybe the fact it’s all so polished elicits quietness in some way, who knows. All I know is I’m finishing this beer and doing a Betty Cuthbert into the distance.
review by: Jason

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Diana Currie from Perth
Over the festive season some friends and I did a pub crawl around the Broadway area and have to stay that we stopped and stayed when we hit the Australian. The food was great and the management staff were really friendly and fun. I'll be sure to go back the next time I'm in Sydney!
5 Jan 2004

SydneyPubGuide staff from Sydney
Evidently much has changed here - we'll attempt to fit a new visit in soon
14 Jul 2003

Leigh Ritchie from Oatley
This pub has become our local after work and we love it. There is no sign of a TAB in the place and the pokies are out of the way. It has a great atmosphere.
12 Jul 2003

arienne Dransfield from Cessnock
I Recently had a overnight stay in sydney with a friend, we went out for lunch at the Australian and had a fantastic time. The food was excellent, the service was even better and the prices are great. The place had a really good atmosphere and I recommend that the reviewer from the sydneypudguide goes back for a second visit. Keep up the good work at the Australian.
11 Jul 2003

Kurt from Manly
This pub rocks. The chicken burger is to die for. Get down there!!
10 Jul 2003

Alex Lind from Roseville
This pub has recently had a change of management and the results are encouraging. Gone are is the TAB and the pokies are now out of the way. The bistro operation was fantastic with good honest food in quick time, just what this busy person on a short lunch break needed. I think that the clientele has also changed with the addition of cosy lounges being popular with local office workers. Well worth a visit.
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TAB: the right hand side of the bar is dominated by itFood: the back of the pub is a non-smoking 'dining area'Bottle Shop: over-the counter sales
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