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fine arts, architecture, multiple bars, what more could you want?

275 Pitt St,
Sydney CBD

(02) 9284 1200
(02) 9262 7527

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First off, this is a lot of place for one bar to be. It just goes on and on...and if you can figure out where the bathrooms are, you're set!  Since this is three establishments, guess the best bet is to give a brief overview, then review each one.   This place is gorgeous! From the walls to the ceilings to the floors, expertly designed and painted.  The skylights on the 1st and 2nd floors are enough to wander in, if only for a drink.  There is artwork on the walls that is changed at intervals is available for sale by the artists.  You cannot take drinks from floor to floor.  The Bathrooms were quite nice, even late at night, as they had an attendant wandering through occasionally.  The ladies' had an auto beam for the waterfall like sink...very cool.  And I was told the blokes urinated into a waterfall (I didn't check on that personally).  There was a coat check at $3/item (bit pricey, I thought). 

Ground Floor

This was a pub during the day.  Clients/bar staff were friendly.  Since I was in there on a Saturday, they informed me that we would be kicked out at a specified time and a "private engagement" was on later in the evening.  I went upstairs later, and could see over the didn't seem like a private party, but more like a, well, um, where 20 somethings go to be seen, get drunk and have the girls check out what each other are wearing and the blokes to appreciate what the girl's aren't wearing.   It turned into a thump thump bar that was $20 to enter (I guess that was the private part).  

The ground floor also had a sort of back patio that was separate from the inside big bar.  This may have only been up and running at night?  This was unclear.  There was very limited selection of drinks and a small area to wander about in.

First Floor

The was the upscale area of the operation.  I actually went to go listen to a jazz trio (that ended up being a quartet).  Ascending the stairs you are taken w/ the beautifully polished wood floors, with an interesting inlay of glass bricks lighted beneath by different colors , then look up to see the ridiculously high ceilings with a gorgeous skylight and an intricate paint design throughout.  The bar itself was also polished wood and quite long, running up to the kitchen, where they serve beautifully designed dishes (though I admit that I didn't try anything, it certainly looked good).  On this floor, they have jazz playing on Saturday nights, and Monday with a life drawing class (You can see some fruits of that up on the second floor Attic bar).  There were piles of drink options, including LOTS of types of beer.  I would say it was on the pricier side, as far as beer goes, but it was fantastic to have so many options.  I must say, however, that they did not ask if i would like my Cooper turned, they just went ahead and did so.  As I don't like mine turned, I admit to being a little put off by the staff for that :(  However they made up for it when we had a bit of a dance, the manager walked by and moved tables for us to have a wiggle (um...there was the waitress who did seem to wander around to the tables w/wrong orders w/ some regularity, but that's another story).  Service was very fast and I would say overall very good.  Unfortunately the jazz wasn't well supported on this night, which was a bummer, b/c it was a great venue for such.  We found out why when friend popped around to meet us, and had to wait in queue for aforementioned 'private party' and pay to get into the 1st floor venue that was empty.  Turns out the doorman wouldn't let him up unless he waited in queue and paid $20.  But in fact all he had to do was wander down the footpath on the side of the building and come around back.  You could get in free to the first and second floor via this route.  BUT NO ONE TOLD HIM THAT....ah well, he wandered home.  It seems that the regulars are probably those on the ground floor, and as they weren't so friendly to those going for the first floor, it makes me wonder if jazz on saturdays on the first floor will survive. 

 Second Floor

The Attic bar was a snug little bar also w/a gorgeous skylight, as well.  This place was about 1/4 the size of the other two quite large floors.  It had a centrally located bar that you did lap around and a DJ in the far corner, playing hip hop (and he wasn't bad).  We only saw the place at night and don't know if it was open during the day or not.  The clientelle at night was a slip off of the crowd on the ground floor.  The drink selection was limited on this level, but still reasonable.  I would say it is definitely worth the walk up.  And remember you get to see the Monday night results of the life drawing class on the walls.

review by: Deb Rogan

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scott from Pyrmont
Great! has a few bars under the one roof and they are all very different. Never a cover charge ( except) for dance parties and a good mix of suits to drinkers and hip crowd.
2 Jan 2004

Kieran from Darling Point
Disappointing. Nice external facade but one you walk in, its all a big problem. Bad layout, too expensive, staff dazed and confused. Give it a miss and walk a few blocks south to the civic.
10 Dec 2003

Ali from Bronte
It sux, don't bother.
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Food: Incorporates a stylish, large modern Australian restaurant
Opening Hours
Mon-Weds 11.00 - midnight
Thursday 11.00 - 1.00am
Friday 11.00 - 3.00am
Saturday 5.00pm - 6.00am
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