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no description found

247 Pitt Street
Sydney CBD

(02) 9261 1077
(02) 9261 1117

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (25 Mar 2004)

Arizona's is a pub I've always thought of as full of rowdy, drunken slobs + loose women. So I was somewhat surprised that the clientelle differ so much during the weekdays and the Friday/Saturday night vortex. On Wednesday, as an example, it is large and spacious with a few dispersed groups of suits having a quick one after work with one or two people playing some pool and sitting in the lounge area. There are a number of TV screen along with a large one at the back of what becomes the "dance floor" on Friday/Saturday. The beer / spirit selection is average -- nothing to write home about -- but I'd stay away from asking for 'unusual' mixes as the bar staff don't know how to get them right (in this case a Frangelico, Lemon + Lime). I'd recommend Arizonas for a Tuesday/Wednesday evening of shooting the breeze with some mates or playing a bit of pool.
review by: wildfire

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John John from Helensburgh
Friday and Saturday huge disgusting meat market. Slappers and yobs drinking half yardies of tequila and falling over on the dancefloor. Avoid!
10 Nov 2004

Jean-Marc from Luxembourg
Fantastic Saturday Nite thanks to Brazilian music and rythms. Looking to hear from DJ Wagner and his friends to know which music they play there...please help!!!
22 Sep 2004

Roxy from London
Ever since the two American girls left over a year ago, Arizonas is not the same . The margaritas suck, the service is dispicable and the cockroaches continue to run rampant. Joanne, the manager is a cow, and I am so glad I don't have to ever here about her brazilian waxes every other week. Apart from that... the bouncers rock and the free appetizers were fab!
14 Jun 2004

stacey from oregon, U.S.A
A really neat place! Me and the girls had a great time dancing on the stage...played some snooker and had a few goes on the slot machines... Best bar in sydney!
24 Mar 2004

beck from south coast
i think this place is great, good music friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks. plenty ofroom to sit and chat, play pool e.t.c ... my fave place
6 Jan 2004

Anthony from Sydney
Once upon a time it was really popular and a good vibe. Now, for reasons unknown, it's become a morgue.
6 Nov 2003

Package from Sydney
Without doubt, this place posseses the stickiest floor in the southern hemisphere. If you're looking for better lower leg definition, Arizona's is the place for you.
29 Oct 2003

Dee from Sydney
It is a awsome place, drinks are priced well, good music, place's to put ur ass, pool table's and even pokies. great place to hang out.
10 Jul 2003

Rachael from Scotland
Busy on a Fri when it has a good after work crowd in - cheap drink promos and good music mix (although be warned some on the v.cheesy side).Mixed young friendly crowd. Backpackers hit more during the week and avoid the neighbours theme nights at all costs!!!
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