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Aqua Luna
slick, minimalist bar at the waterside

Opera Quays,
East Circular Quay,

(02) 9251 3177

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Nestled in the ground floor of 'The Toaster' is Aqua Luna - a beautifully fitted out minimalist concept bar. We were here in 2000 when the Olympic torch came past - it was almost unbelievably busy around the quay that day, but we managed, somehow, to fight our way in for our first taste of the place, and we were favourably impressed - inbetween dislodging elbows from ribs and extracting errant shoelaces from under our neighbours' feet. Since then we've been back several times, usually during daylight hours, and found it to be a favourite of ours, despite the fact that it's almost operating-theatre clean inside, the quality of light and decor really fits, though don't go if you're in the mood for a pie and a pint of Guiness! Dress casual, look rich and you'll be fine. Get an outdoor seat as close as possible to the Quay for preference.
review by: Jason

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Les Glosby from States
Okay, so I have been to Sydney more times than I can count anymore. Aqua Luna is a must see, have to stop, gotta go, drawn to it, gotta get a fix kind of place. It has been my one stop shop to get the night started for four years now and I think as long as it remains, I will go. It's a great place for after work, starting off the night, or just a little relaxing before you're off to slumber. Blue definitely is your color. Keep up the vibe and the kewl grooves, the food, and everything Aqua....Love, peace, and feeling...Les
13 Jun 2003

Bec from Mosman
Aqua Luna is ambient and decadent, with unbelievably beautiful cocktails and super sexy staff!
date unknown

Shrek's more handsome cousin from The Northern Beaches
A cool, waterside watering hole. This smart bar doesn't have the intimidating feel of some of the other designer drop-ins in town. Instead it is relaxing and well laid out. The pizzas are tasty too.
date unknown

John Howard from Canberra
I found it to be a great place for after work parlimentary drinks.
date unknown

Daniela from Italy
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date unknown

Laura from north shore
very expensive, but if you have the money, it's worth it for the cocktails and view.
date unknown

Len Hogan from Philippines
Can you please give me the email address of Aqua Luna / contact person of the place. thank you very much.
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Food: The attached restaurant is highly ratedOutdoor Area: Lots of outdoor seating - one of the bar's primary attractions
Our Comments

Jason says:

Why do bars like this always have seating that's at once comfortable and impossible to actually sit on without spilling your drink and looking like an arse?

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