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recommended pub Ancient Briton
A claimant to "Coldest beer in Sydney".

225 Glebe Point Road,

(02) 9660 1417

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The Briton has been subject to a massive revamp over the last few months, and while not 100% finished, the place is looking pretty schmick. Upstairs (and what stairs!), is a lounge bar with fishtanks built into the bar (oh the poor fish!), and plenty of pool tables as before, but in much slicker, dark wood surroundings. bottom floor, pokies and a waterfall, middle floor, comfortable seating and a friendy, if a bit stiffly new, atmosphere. Look out for a new comprehensive review soon, but for now, NICE renovations guys.
review by: Jason

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Jeff from UK
I was in the Ancient Briton in 1999 and it was heaving with young people. I went back there earlier this year (2004) and the place was dead. The owners/managers should realise that people come to the pub to socialise not to stare at a ugly over sized TV screen. They had the thing blaring out horse racing mid-friday night when I was there - and they wonder why no-one goes there anymore. Turn the telly off and put some music on.
25 Mar 2004

Andrew from Pyrmont
My kind of pub. Homely, friendly, well priced and no pokies I could see.
6 Feb 2004

davo from cabarita
good pub all in all, blatant lie about the temperature of the beer though, ive pissed colder than that, also i have foundthe bar staff pleasant enough but painfully slow at serving you
5 Dec 2003

Alex from Across the road...Rooftop Motel
Cheapest pool, coldest beer and most gorgeous bar staff in Sydney. Cheers 2 Jesse, Sarah, Monica, Mark, Ben & Luciano
23 Jul 2003

Willie from Ireland
Used to Live around the Corner from there... The Staff are Very Grumpy ...Liked the Pool thou !
23 Jul 2003

Nun from Portugal (Lisbon)
I love that place, you know why, because the love of my life works there eheheheh
date unknown

Nun from Portugal (Lisbon)
I love that place, you know why, because the lovw of my life works there eheheheh
date unknown

Nuno Marques from Portugal (Lisboa)
I amo este sitio, é simplesmente Lindo, pois a minha linda namorada trabalha ai ;)
date unknown

Nialler from Ireland
Trust me, I've been in a lot of pubs in sydney this beat them all hands down. Purely for the pool and the people who play there. Happy Days! GO THERE! I MEAN IT!
date unknown

aboulkacem from algeria
how are you
date unknown

Dav from Surry Hill
Too many tourists
date unknown

stefan brosch from sweden
i have many friends i meet at this place / girls @ boys
date unknown

sandra bell from bristol
brillent place got lotsa stuff to do and just hang with the lads- top nosh..
date unknown

stef worsley from UK
The AB is the best pub in Sydney. All the girls are fit and the beer gets you well pissed. Love it.
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Internet: Free internet access (according to the flyers)Pool: $1 pool at all times. 3 standard tables, 1 circular
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