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Cool & Cruisy

51 Missenden Road, Camperdown

(02) 9557 2216

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The Alfred offers a night for those who still feel that part of drinking is having a good conversation with a great drink.
Offering a joyous variety of beer on tap & most drinks requested The Alfred is the perfect venue for any kind of drinking occasion, from the afternoon drinks on a sunny Saturday afternoon to cruising on the couches with friends till 5am on any day excluding Sunday.

A reminder to all there is a dress code- even in Camperdown. Most notably NO TOGAS!

Fantastic events to check out are things such as trivia on a Tuesday night, "happy hour" from 6-9 on Friday nights and Nick's kitchen.

Meals at The Alfred are within the average persons budget and are stunningly satisfying for all. Don’t forget if you really want to check out the food you should try Tuesday night - 1kg steak……if all is eaten a free schooner from the bar always washes down a meal well.

review by Jess Ferguson
review by: pubguide staff

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Kelly from Camperdown
Overall not abad pub. Service is usually good,plenty of room to move. My only gripe would be, ventilation,it doesn't seem to have any. Can get abit wiffy, what with spilt beer and smoking..Otherwise it's a good place for a beer after work, especially for hospo folks who finish late.
16 Mar 2004

gavin MacKenzie from Camperdown
I'm a college student and the alfed rocks. they have $5 steaks tue - sat, foxtel and big screen as well as TAB facilities. I reccomend the alfed for a quiet drink anytime, or a decent cheap meal of a night. As well as the great college company...
6 Dec 2003

Riki from just a maori boy
I'm just a maori boy once bartender at the Alfred email me on
13 Nov 2003

Dan from Newtown
Basically a good pub despite the fact that it looks like a dodgy victorian public toilet or old fashioned tube station with all those tiles, a bonus of this place is that nurses from RPAH go there after their shifts have finished (thats either 4pm or 10pm) do i know this? I am one of them!!!!! Oh yeah, i went in there recently and got served by some ex Neighbours bloke, young fella...can't remember his name but he dated Gemma in it...i saw a re-run recently.....honest!!!!
8 Jul 2003

the tone from newtown
quiet beer in the corner ! cant get any better !
date unknown

al from zurich
I worked at the alfred, I bloody love that place!
date unknown

Elvira Pöschko from Austria
hi, i've been to the alfreds about 8 years ago. - for me one of the best places in sydney. if anyone knows what ricky the maori barkeeper is doing, please let me know. i would realy like to get in touch again! all the best elvira
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Food: Good Food - try the kilo steak if you're brave (and hungry)Pool: one table at the frontOpen Late: open until 5am
Quiz Night: Quiz night Tuesdays at 6.30pm
Our Comments

Jason says:

Late in the week, late in the night, it's still quiet enough to really relax without being jostled around. it's great.

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