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as much ambience as a convenience store (!)

871 George St,

(02) 9281 4566
(02) 9281 0908

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Reviews available:
untitled review (30 Jun 2003)

Situated on the corner of Harris Street and Broadway this is a popular spot for UTS students. Not exactly known for its ambience it has no stand out features that would make it fall into the “must go” category. In fact, a wise man once commented that it has as much ambience as a convenience store – and he was right! You enter on the middle level, which has a TAB area at the back if you feel like throwing away your hard-earned money. The beers are cheapish, with a schooner of Stella coming in at about $5. They often have specials, meat raffles or prize tickets attached to Tooheys New – once the group I was with won $50 this way….. enough to get us well schistered! Upstairs are more tables and chairs and another bar. You can order food here as well. It is reasonably priced and from what I have seen the portions are amble – important if you want to stay popular with the students! Downstairs we have the “night club” which I have only seen operational once… it is reminiscent of bad school discos and I had to avert my eyes as I made my way to the bathroom! I felt like I have been dragged back to early 90’s as “ice ice baby” pumped from the speakers - shudder! In its defence it was some kind of fundraiser for the UTS Rugby Team but it was still very wrong! Good points are service is friendly and it is open late for those “just one more” moments. It is also a short hop skip and a jump away from the best dumplings in town!
review by: Katie Haire

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steveO from sydney
uni bar opens at 12, the agincourt at 9 or something, so for pre lecture beers in aid of hair of the dog its tops. good prices, and the food up stairs is solid. largeish pokie room, that is sealed off behind doors so you dont have to listen to DING DING DING all night. large flat screen downstairs and more upstairs make for good cricket season drinking venue. the TAB is quiet and wont interupt a conversation. good to sit on a stool by the window, watch the wierd city ppl walk by and kill time.they also got a good selection of grog behind the bar to mix up that wierd sexually named shot drink that ur mate from kazakstan invented.
20 Dec 2004

Phil from England
This was my regular when I lived in Sydney in the 80's and 90's, it was owned by a guy named Mike in those days, the best pub in sydney without doubt. They used to have a Sri Lankan restaurant there in those days, and having a VB with a Lanka Roll was part of my ritual. There were two Welsh girls working there when I used to haunt the place, I forgot their names. (about 1990/1). If they still have the photo board I might still be on there! There used to be a guy called Phil that used to play the piano there too. Great memories of a friendy pub where "everyone knoes your name", I'm glad it still sounds as good now. If Peter is still the manager, g'day mate, VB as usual!
14 May 2004

Ma from Ireland
Class place! Had the best nights in Sydney in this place, worked across the road! Ey up to all the Irish bar staff, even bought in Pint glasses for us, the mng. Peter is a gentleman and always very accomodating!
15 Apr 2004

Sam from Melbourne
Great Pub, lots of atmosphere! When We were there there was a 3 person band, they were fantastic!! I think they were called Snape. The Best Music!! Drinks were ok price and there were some nice fems that we carried on with all night. Great stuff!!
21 Jan 2004

BU Student from Boston
Good times had by all. BU students love this place!
27 Nov 2003

JakeyBoy from London
not a special little boozer but youve gotta love the hilarious geordie fella who works behind the bar! go on geordie boy!
16 Sep 2003

Pub Guru from Australia
This pub stays with the george street theme with modern decor. Those pool tables with massive pockets so any mug can sink a ball. A large pokie room downstairs.Id say its a fair place to bag a uni chick or even sloppy secretary. They do have music sometimes and occasional pool comp I rate it as average but a good stoppover for a warm up!
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