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recommended pub Welcome
Great Irish pub with a mainly over 30 crowd

91 Evans Street,

(02) 9810 1323
(02) 9810 4247

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Well. What can I say? We turned up on St. Patrick's day in order to see a real Irish pub at its busy best, and The Welcome didn't disappoint us. The overspill, as you can see from our picture, was out onto the street and round the corner in no time. An Irish trio were fiddling like crazy in the corner, PA cranked to the max to try and surpass the multi-decibel crowd straining to get to the bar. Normally in a situation like this we double up our rounds at each trip to the bar, halving our queuing time, but it was just too hot. The temperature of the day coupled with the number of revellers meant our pints of Guinness were warm in a matter of seconds.

The atmosphere, we must say, was phenomenal - the best of the six pubs we visited that day - and the pub really is a gem. Evans street is pretty quiet normally, but today a constant stream of taxis continued to bring in impossible numbers of punters. I really don't know how the bar staff coped.

There's a story behind the pub's name - which we'll relate to you now - you see, it's all down to Winston, the dog you'll see on the sign outside. Winston was a pure-bred foxhound born in 1874 at Winthop grange in the UK. Winston was smuggled away from ill-treatment at the estate by a stable hand, who absconded to London after being wrongfully accused of poaching.

From London, Tom Dogan stowed away on a boat bound for Sydney, but when they landed, Tom and Winston were separated by the crowds. Winston wandered the streets searching for Tom, and eventually fetched up at the door to The Welcome, where instead of being shooed away as before, he was welcomed in with open arms. A rather touching story, don't you think? They do say Winston's ghost still keeps punters company, but if he's sensible he would have been hiding from the crowds on March 17th!
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Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Great Pub, AMAZING food . . . Chef Finola's food is worth the trek to the Insular Peninsular'.
7 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
Great food, great pub. Favored pub of my Irish friends. Only hassle is trying to get a seat in the bar - just doesn't happen.
21 Dec 2004

Quiche from Rozelle
Best pub in Balmain, if not Sydney. Only problem is seating.
8 May 2004

Ted from sydney
fantastic pub.. you cant ask for better..!
9 Feb 2004

Cliff from Balmain
A brilliant atmosphere - an absolute pleasure to drink in here - friendly bar-staff, PINTS OF DECENT BEER - get in there for the weekend when they have the musicians sitting in the middle of the bar belting out the tunes - it's like being in your own Guinness advert! Sydney's best pub, surely!
10 Dec 2003

Jacko from Balmain
The Wellie, as we all call it, is by far the best Bar in Sydney. Unbelievable Atmosphere, not only for big events but also for a Quiet Avvo Beer. Staff Sensational, Food Fantastic & and The Beer is Breathtaking!!!!!!!
30 Aug 2003

shazza from blacktown
i thought it was up to shit
11 Jul 2003

Muzz from Rozelle
I live about 30 doors down. Best Local a man could hope for!!!
date unknown

John from Ireland
Great Craic! I have found my home!
date unknown

Brendan from Randwick
Best Pub I've been to. Food here is unbelievable and the atmosphere in the hotel is something I have never experienced. Check their yearly events calendar.
date unknown

Dancin' Dave from Balmain
This place is heaven
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Outdoor Area: Check out the beer gardenLive Music: Saturday features live Irish Music sessionsIrish: Our favourite St Patrick's Day spot - not overtly over-Irish though
Our Comments

Jason says:

Subsequent visits have revealed a pub with fine sensibilities. Good food and a very civil atmosphere make it a recommended choice!

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