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recommended pub Scruffy Murphys
Very popular Irish pub

43-49 Goulbourn Street,

(02) 9211 2002
(02) 9281 5896 /

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Downstairs it's rough and rustic, upstairs it's more swish, but it's a haven for travellers, backpackers and ex-patriates out for a good time.

Its proximity to the center of town, and the busiest part of town in the evenings, is only part of the reason it's so popular. It's open late, it's a friendly, rowdy scene, there's live music, seating outside, food, a large selection of beer and a nightclub downstairs. It's also a regular meatmarket where hormonally crazed 20-somethings can find what they're after.

There's also the possibility of winning something, with regular promotions and competitions, and the surrounding area is packed with backpacker hostels. It's generally a bit too loud for the more sedate among the pubguide team, but we've been bevvied up and ready to go more than a few times here.

It's a rated venue by many, and it's very friendly to boot. More than once I've been accosted by a traveller who's recognised my accent even though it's hardly that noticeable as Welsh. If you're looking for an all-out night with possibilities, you should maybe give it a try!
review by: pubguide staff

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Jim Bob from Brazil
Had many a visit to this establishment and if i manage to get in then i get kicked out a couple of hours later if im hammered or not.Was interresting to hear that there was a man that took on the challenge of one of those bouncers and actually gave him a good pastin and then ran off not too be seen again...shame.
12 Jan 2005

catchscott from Sydney
Without a doubt one of the worst bars in Sydney. Dirty, dark and disgusting. Staff are absolutely terrible, management and security even worse. Downstairs open very late but again, really dirty and smokey. Unless you are REALLY stuck for a bar, don't bother. Try Jacksons on George for a late night venue, or P.J.O'Brien's for a real Irish Pub
1 Sep 2004

Haha from Sydney
it was alright, actually it was pretty boring, i liked the downstairs area more than the top even though the seats were ripped. we finally had enough and decided to go somewhere else, its not exactly the most happening place in sydney, atleast you get in for free.
29 Aug 2004

Ron Jeremy from Cali
Be careful, the kebabs next door are great but sometimes they put shaved turd in your kebab coz drunken larger louts can't taste the difference.
17 May 2004

Dave from Eire
Irish 'theme' pub with little charm. Drink OK but the smell is a bit ripe around the place. A backpackers haunt.
11 May 2004

Burky from Kilkenny
Like all Irish new timers i too did my apprenticeship here. However after about two weeks I deciced I wanted to bomb the place - drunk irish people wearing G.A.A shirts that they would never wear at home singing rebel songs that they don't know the words to, talking about Ireland. Pretty Krusty too.
9 May 2004

Vicky from Manchester
Well said my good friend Anna, i couldn't have put it better myself! Scruffy Murphys is the best bar in Sydney by a long shot and the bar men rock, especially one very special bar man who knows who he is!!!! We miss you scruffys (our home away from home!) LOVE YA.xxxxxxxxxx
5 May 2004

Anna from Manchester
If you dont have fun in the scruffiness of murphies you either dont have a pulse or you are a complete tit who doesnt know how to party hard and have fun, anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the vinegar smelling pub will no doubt go back at the end of the night and stay there till 8 in the morn-if not later! Thumbs up from me scruffs.....but that may have something to do with one particular cute bar guy!! So sew me!!!! Love u scruffys x
4 May 2004

23 Apr 2004

Emere from Kebab Store
David Boyle your t-shirt has been ordered and you can collect it soon
20 Apr 2004

Emma from Ireland
minging, very smelly and too many Irish trouts!
15 Apr 2004

Emere from Emeres Kerbab Store
Thank you David Hourn you feed my family
2 Apr 2004

Kylie from Sunshine Coast
Oh yeah, I was so horny from those wild boys that I gave some bloke head in the stalls!
14 Mar 2004

DJ Reggie from Dublin
Look out Scruffys, im comming for ye on the 6th April!!!!!!!! a big hello to sean!!! from a friend of Ger fenton
1 Mar 2004

Kylie from Sunshine Coast
Went to Scruffy's after a hens night on Wild boyz Afloat. Had a blast, danced with a hot American Indian. Fantastic place for a hyped night out.
24 Feb 2004

bel from sydney
sticky floors, u walk in and beer is automatically spilled all over you.. but if u dont have fun in here, u better stay home and watch tv, cuz u are one boring bastard.. great place for a good time at the end of the night, dont expect to sit there sippin wine, thats not what fun is about
8 Feb 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
Very over-rated late late night drunking hole. No need to use the dunnies coz the floor smells like the right spot. If you like late closing, very crowded, drunken cheese dancing joints then it's perfect for you. You may get lucky with a band. Yes, the best thing about it is that it's next door to the best late night kebab shop in Sydney. Yummo!
6 Jan 2004

Fat Bastard from Scotland
This place is crap. It smellls worse that my arse which I haven't wiped in 5 years. If I'm in here drinkin I have to take a dump on the bar to cover up the unbearable smell, pheeeww!!
2 Jan 2004

Sharpey from Oblivion
Some of these comments were very generous! If you like lining up in a crowded garbage tip this is the place for you!! And you've got a better chance of getter a beer quicker at the tip!! There is a good thing about this place though. When you leave you don't have to go far to find another pub.
29 Dec 2003

simone from england
A bit like an ex-boyfriend who has a big prick, yet IS a prick.You love it, yet you hate the fact you love it.
14 Dec 2003

Lee from Chicago
I was in Sydney for 8 months.. and for some reason... at the end of every night out my friends and I would wind up here... some shaddy people, hot and rowdy... but good drunkin fun!
5 Dec 2003

Nick from kickatinalong
Sticky floor is a feature Im sure
9 Nov 2003

Nick from kickatinalong
From the moment you walk in....its packed with piss heads takes a while to get to the get the odd good looker and well if a good band is on thats the only reason you hang in there. 2 / 10
9 Nov 2003

Mojo from Sydney
Scruffys is a bucket. It's full of pissed rowdy Brits out for a shag. If you can't find the place follow your stinks.
25 Oct 2003

Cherie from Sydney
If you're into your sexy Irish and your spunky poms, this is the place. If you come to Australia to avoid them, then it is not. Quick service, shitty dancers, people who dressed with the lights off (think ripped jeans and tucked in workshirts), and if you're approached by a patron make sure you wear a raincoat - these drunks spit and slur like there's no tomorrow. And downstairs the night club is the size of a matchbox. Only go here when you haven't picked up... here you're bound to.
17 Oct 2003

Anthony from Sydney
Absolutely awful. Very smelly, hot, crowded, rough, lots of annoying dickheads.The severly overpriced drinks are for Poms who don't know better. By contrast. the downstairs disco is usually near empty, mainly because the DJ plays the worst cheese imaginable from about 5 years ago. The fact that people line-up to get in on the weekend is beyond belief.
17 Oct 2003

Rebecca from US
the best thing about Scruffy's is the kebab place next door
17 Oct 2003

jig from sydney
sticky floor, very crowded, friendly drunk tourists. love it!
2 Oct 2003

Ian from Sydney
Shittiest pub in Sydney. Most disgusting hole this side of the Bridge Hotel.
25 Sep 2003

Louisa from Sydney
It has a pull of its own, you walk past and find yourself walking in! Sruffy Muck, good beer, the occasional good looker. Need a lot of B&E the next day!
9 Sep 2003

Helen from eire
Oh get a grip.. you know you love this place, even if its as dirty as your mother...austin you make me appreciate the fact that I'm a Catholic, Irish and not a low life like you.
28 Aug 2003

ROD from NY City
BAD, atmosphere - music - beer!
17 Aug 2003

stiofan from eire
austin from england , ur a fuckin prick if i ever catch up with u , u had better ask urself . how do u want ur kneecaps ..plastic or swivelled..
15 Aug 2003

sean from (General Manager)
I pull a bird every shift I work here!
27 Jul 2003

Dan from Royston, England
You'll have a laugh but the others are is a bloody shit hole!
6 Jul 2003

Austin from england
he theme was too catholic for my liking, and the out of control atmosphere and loonies represents this religion to a tee, I heard of a sars victim from asia visited this pub,apparently sars did'nt like this vatican hole either.
7 Jun 2003

Jimmy McCue from Concord
I will find my wife at Scruffys I am sure of it
6 Jun 2003

Mal from Scruffy Murphys (Owner)
I wouldn't bother if i were you!! I feel sick.
date unknown

Kyley from Sydney
Scruffy's is basically the Aussie equivalent to Porky's. The "disco" downstairs is shameful - who the hell likes Eminem? Upstairs is more tolerable....but beware if a Celtic v. Rangers game is showing.
date unknown

andy from england
great pub, great people, say u2 show and if i'm back in australia any time soon, i'll be doing it all again
date unknown

Rod from Blacktwon
I thought it was gay.
date unknown

simon from england
if you are the type of person who likes sticky floors, beer drenched seats, slow bar service, saliva swapping, watching people puke and getting kicked out for fighting then this place is just for you!! if you fit the bill you are a knobhead.
date unknown

elana from sydney
This is one of my worst pubs. It is a meat market and the guys through themselves on any girl who walks through the door! and I mean ANY girl. The atmosphere is great though, full of energy but most people here seem to have dressed in the oldest/worst clothes. It really is a backpacker venue a place to pull! only recommended for desperados
date unknown

Andy McNab from Hereford
Great pub! A lot of tits!
date unknown

Oskar from Denmark
The top....
date unknown

Jay from london
Not to bad, bit of attitude which is bound to happen in a themed pub abroard! especially anti English Irish fools!
date unknown

remo from brazil
reeks of hormones.
date unknown

supremo from darlinghurst
bands are good, lots of friendly tourists but just too crowded. love it
date unknown

Pato from Spain
Music there is great, it opens till late hours, which is important and yes, it´s a bit dodgy but great fun
date unknown

ed from sydney
worst pub in the world, rather be at church
date unknown

Christine from sefton
very cool place love the english theme very cool always end up there on a nite out on the town keep up the good work and donna cheers bar sucks big time loser
date unknown

date unknown

darci James from newzealand
i love this place
date unknown

my friends always told me i had a great time in scuffys...i don't really rember always losing things in their....lost all self respect and dignity in scuffs..still yet to find it
date unknown

lindsey hall from scotland
looks cool, coming to sydney in november so i'm checkin out all the british themed pubs and bars.
date unknown

Peter from New Zealand
You forgot to mention the pongy carpets!
date unknown

Me from US
This place was a shit hole. The guys were disgusting and the place was a dump.
date unknown

Adrain Biltmore from Sydney
I greatly enjoy Scruffy's on a wednesday night when the Pub crawls there! Superb Craic!
date unknown

Lynsey from San Diego
The best place to get really thrashed and dance with irish dudes. The music is mainstream -- you'll know all the words. Great dancing downstairs, though it can get crowded. Nothing like Scruffy's in San Diego, California & I miss it!!
date unknown

michelle breen from ireland
some of my more crazy nights were spent here, got it all, esp, funkstar every wednesday, love you andre!!!
date unknown

Paul White from Belfast, Northern Ireland
I am the brother of Jay White, he used to drink there. We have since lost contact with our brother, and are very concerned for him. I would greatly appreciate any info. you may have on his whereabouts. I can be contacted on the address below. Any info. at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Paul White.
date unknown

Kat from Germany
We never wanted to end up there but we always did.
date unknown

johno from glasgow
top pub but smells a bit,very easy to pull in and there s also a disabled toilet to finish the job in!
date unknown

Ewen from Gourock, Scotland
If you can't pull in here you don't have a pulse!
date unknown

dave from aust
Sensational pub but dont dissapear to the strippers next door when the missus is looking for you.
date unknown

Shane from Meath
Dive. People in there smell worse than the floors
date unknown

lorraine from ireland
visited scruffy murphys a few times last year&it was a very happening place.definatly one of the best
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Food: food available 7 daysOutdoor Area: streetside seating on Goulbourn StreetLive Music: live music pretty much every night
24Hr: stays open as long as necessaryIrish: With a name like that what else would it be?
Our Comments

Jason says:

We went in for a review recently but I was scared to get the laptop out for the crush!


Jason says:

31 Mar 2003 : Walked past today, Scruffy's has jumped on the $5 steak bandwagon - cheap food!

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