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recommended pub Bar Bondi
great little pub - a live music supporter

Curlewis Street,
(a block back from the Bondi Hotel)

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BB’s is your typical dark and dingy pub. Behind the wrought iron bar sits a blackboard that displays the most important information de jour – what booze is available and how much it costs. The beer and wine selection is not bad, with a few standard cocktails thrown in. Like any pub worth its salt, it has a happy hour from 5 – 7pm (sadly I waltzed in just after 7 so missed out on this lovely tradition!). Prices, however, are not too bad and about average for Sydney pubs. Music is obviously the theme for this place, with signed music posters hung about and large silhouettes of guitars and music notes on the walls. Unfortunately the music did shift from a cool blues number to 106.9 love song dedication-esque tunes and back while I was there so it is not the music Mecca it wants to be. They have live performances on the stage at the back that kick off at about 8.00pm. Located off the main strip in Bondi it obviously feels no pressure to be cool. BB’s is daggy and makes no apologies for it. Busy most nights of the week, it attracts more of a local contingent, the lack of English accents is noticeable! It would be my preference over the vastness of the Bondi Hotel or glamour of the Icebergs Restaurant Bar hands down. And hey, anywhere that does not bat an eyelid if you bring in your own pizza is okay with me! BB’s is open from 5pm – 1am every night except Sunday’s when it closes at 12am.
review by: Katie

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stuart sweeney from cardiff
hi daniel , happy birthday kid! wish i was there on the piss! Sean says hi - ill be in auz maybe in jan
19 Sep 2004

Briano from Ireland
Ta for the memories. The craic was great, sometimes the bands were crap sometimes they were so brilliant you'd pay to hear them. But you didnt care it was the most comfortable pub thanks to its atomsphere. Cant go to bondi without going to bbs
19 May 2004

Gary big balls from Cardiff
Glad to see the back of it when is it being knocked down anyway. nah i'm just bitter and twisted cause i'm back in wales, nice one to the boys keep on drinking i had some amazing times there apparently. all the best cheers to all of you..i miss like carrots and peas..
13 May 2004

Han from Japan
it sucks fuck!!
5 Apr 2004

Deano from Bondi
Very easy going place where the staff are friendly and laid back. No attitudes here! Cool.
31 Jan 2004

Captain underpants from age fraise
has anyone seen my blue turtle neck sweater anywhere? Help me flash youre my only hope
16 Dec 2003

Simon from London
I worked there in '95/'96 & '98/'99. Even on my nights off I'd still drop in. Best bar in Bondi. Glad to see it's still going strong.
17 Nov 2003

megan from sydney
modern trendy place even if u r an aussie!! don't be afraid of the crowd of poms!
3 Nov 2003

Flash from Kangaroo Valley Earls Court.
Great bar , good crowd, good cocktails I think the "Scooby" is the best, A bourbon and a bundy with a dash of coke. My favourite . "Come on, yes".
9 Sep 2003

Kenny from Byron bay
9 Sep 2003

Benny from Bali
It's likely one of the best bars in Sydney. Many beautiful girls (this is the main cause why this bar is good) and friendly staffs (except the security officers). Big screen for soccer is an advantage. Just come and enjoy this bar! GOOOOODDDD !
date unknown

Andrew from Bondi
Great place to go if you are a UK, Ireland or NZ backpacker. A place to avoid if you are a local.
date unknown

Richard from uk/nz
It's a cool place to meet people and watch soccer on the large screen.
date unknown

J from Ireland
Best Bar in Sydney, Good Music, Good Craic and Good Barmen
date unknown

The Porkster! from London
Really really miss it!
date unknown

Jamie Campbell from Scotland originally
hi i have lots of bar experience i was a barman in a top nightclub in glasgow moved on 2 supervisor then trainee manager i am currently trying my luck in london but 2 no avail i have another bar supervisor job but dont think im utilising my full potential i have expert cocktail making skills and an extensive knowledge on wines although i prefer pints and shots im sure id fit in great and wanna no if ull give me a job email me plz at maybe after a few emails a phone call and an interview ull realise im worthy of a place in ur pub yours in hope jamie x
date unknown

Susan from Bondi
Best bar with the friendliest publican. A place a girl can drop in for a chat whatever her dress or whatever the mood and be welcomed by some great people in a tosser-free zone.
date unknown

david from bondi
I find it hard to stay away
date unknown

Frosty Boy from Melbourne
Great Atmoshpere, Very Friendly, Live Music Pumps.
date unknown

Annella from Dickensider, USA
BB's is bloody great. After a few beers local blokes become very attractive.
date unknown

date unknown

Larry Carlton from California
Whenever I'm in Sydney I always check out BB's. Great gig, good audience and fine Jack Daniels. Helps me play like a demon. Innit.
date unknown

jackerbon dickersons from Bondi FM
Always a good crowd of well behaved interesting professionals .Love the music line up especially the up and coming Rhythm Skulls featuring big Henso and Jim Doyle from inIn the Deep and their support to the no 1 radio station 88FM Bondi Beach.
date unknown

Oliver from Not telling.
Absolute corker. Sensational. Marvellous. Atmosphere, music, and possibly the best glass collector in the southern hemisphere; except he left. Oh, did I mention the music?
date unknown

Richie from London
No other bar in Sydney comes close. Just wikid. Great music, great staff, great position. Check out the Rhythm Skulls. They'll blow you away
date unknown

Lau's from NZ
Tops any beer pouring bar in Bondi. The staff, the glass collecter, to us that drink in there, it's brillent! mmmmmmm.
date unknown

Porky from Wales
Cracking Pub,AKA - Bullys Bar - great service, Coctails after hours to a selected crowd,super bands and possibly the best glass collecter in Australia! You can bet your bottom dollar on it bruce! N thats saying comething
date unknown

Charlotte from New Zealand
BB's is a little slice of heaven, when the rest of the day had turned to hell. God bless BB's, their beer, the bands, and the brillant staff. Ahhhhhh....
date unknown

Martin from Steyning, West Sussex, UK
Never in the history of human drinking, has so much been drink by so few. Splendid drinkery in the sun!
date unknown

james from ireland
i worked there for a year and drank there all the time because it was the best bar in sydney , no doubt about it.
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Live Music: Occassional Live musicTV: a couple of small screens
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Jason says:

The first time I came here was during the Olympics - it was the only place with an empty seat - I can't understand why.

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